During the month of June 2011, one of my clients in Los Angeles called to repair a leaky copper water pipe that flooded her family room and entrance to her home destroying the hardwood floors and walls. Once completed the homeowner asked me to install the FloLogic System to prevent this from happening again. In September, the client called explaining that the FloLogic System had shut off her water. I returned to the home to find a pinhole leak in the powder room wall. Thanks to FloLogic she saved thousands of dollars and a lot of aggravation.

I have a home in Vail, CO as well as one in Chester County, PA. I became keenly aware of water damage when two of my neighbors in Vail each had over $100,000 in losses each due to water damage. I learned about FloLogic from a Google search on the Internet. I purchased two FloLogic controllers about five year ago. It was one of the best investments I have ever made. In my opinion there is NO other system as inclusive, logical and reliable as FloLogic. You do not have to worry about where the next leak may happen. It covers your entire house. It is simple to operate, simple to program, simple to install. A nice feature is just a push of a button at the control panel, shuts ALL water off in your house. No one needs to try to find the valves etc. It cuts off all the water in case of an emergency.

I first learned of FloLogic when building a home in Charleston, SC. I had never had experienced a water leak before, so I was uncertain that I'd see a payback on the investment. But, I decided to view the cost of the device as inexpensive insurance, and went forward with the purchase. Shortly after completion of our home, the hot water heater sprung a leak because of an improperly installed expansion tank. A copper joint broke in the middle of the night and the water started flowing. Because it occurred while we were asleep, we were unaware of any problem until the next morning when there wasn't any water available. The investment that I was initially unsure of was returned in multiples because FloLogic stepped in as designed to stop the waterflow, minimizing the damage to some wet carpet. Without it, we would have awoken to a flooded home with multiple inches of water and its damage (sheetrock, wood floors, carpet, inconvenience, etc.). That event convinced me that I will never own a home without FloLogic, and in fact, had it installed in my next home in Dallas, TX. The peace of mind it provides is easily worth the investment. Chuck, I wish you much success. I could not be a bigger believer in your product and hope that one day its a standard in all homes in the future.

About two month ago, the alarm on our present unit sounded and woke us up at about midnight. When I went into the kitchen there was only a thin layer of water that stemmed from the water filter under the kitche sink. We called a service to help us dry the area. It took slightly more than an hour and most of that time was spent hooking up dehumidifiers. No permanent damage. No insurance claim. Fireman's Fund Insurance Company was spared a huge loss that would have been incurred if the leak continued until morning. Our biggest loss was approximately two hours of sleep.

Last March while on a business trip to Asia my wife contacted me to let me know that the unit had triggered and that the water to the house had been shut off. Fortunately no pipes had burst, but what had happened was a toilet valve had stuck and the System detected the problem and shut off the water. Water waste was minimized and certainly my utility bill was protected.

We are very pleased with your product - it provides tremendous peace of mind as we are often away from the property. I has worked as advertised or better. In fact, we will be installing another one in another property soon. Thanks.

I had the original FloLogic 2000 and had a problem with noise at certain flow rates. When I contacted you to see what could be done about the problem you said that a new design was coming out and that I could get it at a significant discount. You did exactly what you promised and when there was a problem with the keypad you also sent another new one. The installation has been completed and everything is working great. I'd like to thank you for standing behind your product - it's a great device.

We had a vacation home in the suburbs of Philadelphia that we visited once every 6 weeks or so. It was a beautiful home with a fully finished basement. Thankfully, we had the FloLogic System installed as soon as we remodeled the home. We returned one time to find the System in alarm and a 75 gallon water heater that had begun to leak from the overflow valve. The damage would have been enormous if the FloLogic System had not shut the water supply off as soon as it detected the hot water heater had called for water, saving us tens thousands of dollars and a world of trouble since the entire basement would have had 10 feet of water in it by the time we would have discovered the leak. We now have it on all of our properties!!

My System is working beautifully! Thank you so much for working with me, It is wonderful to have the peace of mind that this System provides. You certainly may use me as a reference anytime.

The installation of the FloLogic device is one of the smartest moves I have made as a homeowner. Three of my neighbors had plumbing leaks which rendered their homes uninhabitable for 5-6 months. Not only does FloLogic provide peace of mind, it has reduced my insurance premium with Chubb. As a urologist, I am sensitive to "leaks." Here is an easy solution. The FloLogic system has performed flawlessly since it's installation. I installed it myself. Thanks for the followup.